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Landscape Design and Installation

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Landscape Design is more than figuring out how many shrubs to buy or what color flowers to use. Although these things are determined by the design, a proper design must consider many other factors. The landscaping around a house is not just for looks, it is a functioning part of your house's structure and drainage system.

Professional Property Accents, Inc. uses a very in-depth process to create our landscape designs. Most importantly, we need to know what you would like to achieve with your landscaping project. Some homeowners have both short and long-term plans for their landscaping. With proper planning, we can make it easier to achieve these goals.

We will meet with you at your home to assess the job to be done. We will gather the necessary information to give you a free estimate for the project. Once we have established a working budget, we can move forward with building a design for your project. Our experienced in-house designers will create a beautiful layout that is just right for you.

If we are designing a planting layout, we will assess your property to see how light, water, soil types and existing landscape features will affect your landscape project. We select the proper plants and create a beautiful layout using the right mixture of colors, textures and materials that will give your landscape character all season.

Landscape Design Install We can also create Outdoor Living layouts that integrate many different components such as patios, built-in barbecues or kitchens, outdoor stone fireplaces, landscape lighting and water features. As Certified Hardscape Installers, we have been trained in the proper installation techniques for pavestone and retaining wall installations. It is this knowledge and experience that allows us to properly design these structures as well. For hardscape construction, we survey elevations of the yard and house to create precise designs that can be constructed to industry standards. We design our landscapes to work with the existing house structure, utilities and drainage systems.

As Landscape Designers, we offer our unique Digital Design Service* to create the perfect design for you.

* Additional charges may apply for the Digital Design Service.

Professional Property Accents, Inc.'s unique Digital Design Service allows you to see what your completed project would look like! You will be able to see dimensioned plans and 3D previews of your project from any angle. Have the opportunity to see different layouts or options for your project. Some projects may not require a Digital Design but with larger projects it is a must. This tool allows the homeowner and the contractor to move forward confidently with the project because they both know exactly what will be done.

The Digital Design Service is a professional design service. Because of the time involved to create these very detailed designs, we do charge for the service. This Digital Design Service allows the homeowner and designer to create the perfect layout that will create the most stunning results possible.

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