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Professional Property Accents, Inc. can create a planting design that is right for your house or yard. Our designers can create a layout that is sure to make your home and property look better than ever.

We often create a very diverse mixture of plants into a stunning design that will look great through the season. Deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees mixed with a complement of perennial and annual flowers in a variety of colors, sizes and textures create the stunning landscapes that we are known for. We can utilize our Digital Design Service to show you layout options for your plantings in 3D. We can add to an existing landscape or start with a completely new design for a dramatic makeover. We can also design and install complete landscaping packages for new-build homes.

We only use the best products available to us at the top local nurseries and garden centers. A Vast knowledge of these plants and how they work in this area allows us to maximize results. We will assess your property to see how light, water, soil types and existing landscape features will affect your landscape project. We select the proper plants and create a beautiful layout using the right mixture of colors, textures and bloom times to give your landscape character all season long. Our plant installations are done precisely to allow proper spacing of plants when they achieve their matured size.
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