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Landscape Design & Maintenance
in West Seneca, NY

At Professional Property Accents, Inc., we provide landscape design, outdoor living design, digging, and landscape maintenance suited to your specific needs and budget. We have provided excellent services to residential and commercial customers in West Seneca, NY, and the surrounding areas for several years. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology and sophisticated installation techniques to create spectacular landscapes on our client's properties. We provide extensive landscaping services, such as those listed below.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design & Maintenance, West Seneca, NY Landscape Design is much more than deciding how many plants to purchase or what color of flowers to install. Although these aspects are determined by design, a successful design must also consider several other elements. The landscape around a home has a structural and drainage function and its aesthetic value.

We create our landscape designs via a very comprehensive procedure. First, we need to know what you want to accomplish with your landscaping project. Some owners have short-term and long-term landscaping goals for their projects, and we can provide scalable solutions. With proper planning, it is simpler to attain these objectives.

We will visit your property to evaluate the scope of the work. The team will collect the information required to provide a no-cost estimate for your project. Once a budget has been set, we proceed with developing a plan for your project. Our skilled in-house designers will create a design uniquely suited to your needs.

Property Maintenance

We offer professional landscape maintenance for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. We undertake various forms of care to maintain your lawn and landscape in excellent shape throughout the year. Our company can provide these services upon request or create a year-round property maintenance plan. A good landscape begins with a solid design. However, it may never reach its full potential without adequate upkeep as it evolves and grows.

Protect your investment in landscaping via regular maintenance. These are the solutions we provide to maintain your landscape in pristine condition. We have a team whose only responsibility is mowing lawns, so your grass will always look wonderful. We provide various property management services, including dependable shrub trimming, seasonal cleanups, and winterization. When you can access all these services via a single contractor, it provides you value for money.


We can design an appropriate landscape for your home or yard. Our experts can develop a plan to make your property and home appear more beautiful than before.

We often incorporate a wide variety of plants into a gorgeous arrangement that will remain beautiful throughout the season. The breathtaking landscapes we create have evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs combined with permanent and annual flowers in various colors, sizes, and textures. We can provide 3D layout choices for your plants using our Digital Design Service. We can add to your existing landscape for a dramatic makeover or begin with an entirely new design.

Additionally, we can design and install complete landscape solutions for newly constructed houses. The team will evaluate your site to determine how water, light, soil types, and preexisting landscape elements will impact your landscaping project. We choose the perfect plants and design a gorgeous layout using the ideal blooms and plantings to offer your landscape year-round charm. We plan the plant installations precisely to provide adequate plant spacing when the vegetation reaches maturity.

For more details about our landscape design, property maintenance, and plantings services in West Seneca, NY, please call Professional Property Accents, Inc. at 716-982-4873. You can also send us your queries via this Contact Us form, and we will call you back shortly to discuss your requirements.
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