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Digital Design Service

Digital Design Service - prices start at $349.00 for most full landscape designs and hardscaping projects.

  • Costs for design services are approximately 3.5% of the cost of the project but will be priced on an individual basis based on the amount of time required to perform these services.
  • This will provide you with a dimensioned plan of your project with 3D previews.
  • Two basic revisions will be made at no additional cost.
  • Additional revisions or major changes to design may be charged in addition to original cost.

Smaller projects may receive a Basic Digital Design at no additional cost. This design may be provided to verify the layout of a project once a deposit has been made for that project.

Large-Scale Landscape Design Projects - There is almost no limit to what we can design. We can assist in project planning of any landscape projects that you may have in mind. For instance, even though we do not install pools, they are a major component of landscape design. We can design a layout of your entire yard that includes a pool so you know how placement of different components in the design will work together when the project is completed.

Many of our projects have a combination of features that require careful planning. We often incorporate low voltage lighting into our patio designs so you can enjoy the patio safely after the sun goes down. Having this planned into the design allows us to install it cleanly and more efficiently.

Installations of barbeques and fireplaces may require that additional utilities be installed. We will coordinate that work with a licensed professional. We can provide them with accurate layouts to complete the work along with us.
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