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Property Maintenance

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Professional Property Accents, Inc. offers reliable Landscape Maintenance for homes and businesses of all sizes. We handle all types of maintenance to keep your lawn and landscaping looking its best all season long. We can provide these services by request or design a season maintenance plan to cover your property all year round.

A good landscape starts with a good design; however it may never achieve its full potential without the proper maintenance as it matures. Protect your landscaping investment with proper care. These are the services that we provide to keep your landscaping looking its best.

Lawn Mowing

We have an experienced crew dedicated to just lawn mowing. This ensures that your lawn will be cut when it needs to be cut, not when we have extra time between landscaping. We have only the best commercial-grade mowers, trimmers and equipment to provide top quality results. Our crews will maintain your lawn at the optimum height for the lawn type and weather conditions. We actively monitor future weather forecasts to keep lawns on proper cutting schedules.

Lawn Mowing Service includes line trimming all lawn edges around landscape beds, walkways, driveways, etc. Grass clippings in these areas will be cleaned off with gas blowers. Mowing services will be invoiced per visit on a monthly basis.

Spring Cleanup (Edge & Mulch)

This is a complete makeover to get your property looking its best for the summer season. We will clean all of the landscape beds to prepare them for new mulch to be installed. Leaves, branches, excess mulch and debris are removed. We use our power edger to cut a fresh, smooth, clean edge around the perimeter of the mulch beds. All shrubs are pruned or trimmed as needed. A perfect layer of freshly made hardwood mulch is installed in your choice of premium colors.

Shrub Trimming

Trimming or pruning shrubs is necessary to allow them to reach their full potential. All shrubs do require yearly trimming to maintain a fully symmetrical shape at their optimum size. Different shrubs may require attention at different times of the season. We can make recommendations on the timing and frequency of these services based on your landscape.

Routine Landscape Maintenance Programs

Many of our mowing clients take advantage of our landscape maintenance programs as well. Our crews will take care of the little things that keep a landscape looking its best. Pulling weeds, picking up debris, and other tasks will be performed approximately every two weeks or as needed.

Fall Cleanups

Of course the colors of the leaves are beautiful in this area, until they are covering your lawn. We can clear the leaves from your entire property and place them at the roadside for town pick-up (based on your location) or remove them from your property for proper disposal.

Winter Prep

We can also keep your shrubs protected during the tough winter months from damage that can occur from animals, snowfall or wind.


We do offer residential and commercial snow plowing services. Availability based on location. We have a fleet of commercial-grade plow trucks, dump trucks, salting equipment and loaders to offer a reliable snow removal service.

Other Services…

We do offer other maintenance services. If you do not see a particular service listed that you are interested in, please contact us.
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